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A Pleasant Maisonette in the Orleans Community of Ottawa

Families Reunite at Belita Vacation Rental Oasis

In Webster's dictionary an oasis is defined as a place that provides "refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast". Belita's A Pleasant Maisonette and Gardens in Ottawa's east end community of Orleans provides all this and more.

During the spring and summer, the gardens provide a wonderful retreat in which to take an afternoon stroll or spend some time with your favourite book.

A Pleasant Maisonette and Gardens is ideal for the individual traveller looking for an affordable alternative to more traditional accommodations, small groups of up to 10 people who want to stay under one roof, or families who would prefer to stay in a home-like environment rather than a hotel or motel.

One Bedroom self catered condo - alternative to hotels

Why Stay at the Ottawa Vacation Home Rental?

  • Ground floor apartment with king bedroom and living room with queen sofa bed.
  • Additional room rentals could increase accommodations to five bedrooms.
  • The vacation rental villa is 15 min from Parliament
  • Rental home is located near major bus routes, free off-street parking at the condo
  • Lodging is close to highway and shopping districts but in a quiet residential area
  • A community banquet center is for rent one block away from the rental
  • Childrens play areas are within a block of the holiday home
  • Shopping centers, churches, and grocery stores are within walking distance
  • Lodging is popular for family reunions, wedding parties and sports groups
  • Quiet and serene holiday environment, surrounded with intriging gardens
  • Many positive testimonials for the luxury furnished apartments,
  • Vacation home is on a ravine lot on the Ottawa river surrounded by walking and ski trails
  • Conservation areas for swimming and fishing are minutes from the vacation home
  • Bike paths connect from the vacation home to Ottawa attractions
  • Ottawa is the capital of Canada and has many museums and historic sites to visit
  • Accommodations are one and a half hours from Montreal and four hours from Toronto

Ottawa Invites a Nostalgic Visit to Victorian Era

"Ottawa may be the most underappreciated national capital ..., even though on most counts it's an urban standard against which many North American cities might well gauge themselves. .... The miles of tidy late-Victorian brick houses serving as shops, restaurants, and homes are real characteristics of the city. The Gothic spires and towers of Parliament Hill look like the grand estate of an overachieving Scottish laird, with the voluptuous Gatineau Hills as a backdrop. Cutting a swath through Ottawa is the Rideau Canal, a magnet for houseboats and cabin cruisers and a scene out of a Dutch painting in winter, when the citizenry takes to the ice on sleighs and skates."

Americans and Canadians Share a History

"Ottawa and Washington, as different as they may be on many levels, are similar in at least two respects. The first is that each is located on a seam in the fabric of its nation. Ottawa is directly across the river from a province (Quebec) that has threatened to secede from the country; Washington is directly across the river from a state (Virginia) that did secede. The second similarity is that both were outposts selected as the capital over more obvious sites. Washington was chosen over New York and Philadelphia; Ottawa was selected, in 1857 by Queen Victoria, over Montreal and Toronto.

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